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Re-Opening Plan of HMBC

As HMBC looks forward to resume in-person operations and worship , our RE-OPENING TEAM will rely strongly on the maximum level of cooperation of the members and non-members. When the HMBC leaders working hand in hand with the re-opening team deem it safe to reopen, we will do so gladly and fearlessly.
However, our re-opening will be based mainly on the available scientific data, the recommendations of the Health experts at CDC while taking into consideration the updated measures of the state and local officials namely the Governor, the Broward county mayor and the city of Miramar mayor.

Action Plans:
Until further notice, meaning until the time our own re-opening team and our administrative council deem it safe, most of HMBC in-persons ministries will be conducted through the current virtual means (telephone line, zoom.com or other).
This policy shall include the Men ministry/Frères Unis, the Women ministry/Dorcas, the Choir ministry, the Small Group ministry, the Sunday School ministry, the Prayer ministry, the Transportation /van ministry, the English ministry.
Because of the difficulty of applying social distancing about our little ones, the children ministry in-persons will also have to be conducted temporarily via zoom.com or something similar to zoom.com
As far as the virtual meetings of all the HMBC ministries are concerned, each HMBC member in charge of these various ministries will have to communicate his/her plan to the Pastor of the church (Revd Moise) who will review that plan and authorize it provided that the plan in question is not interfering with the overall ministry of HMBC during the transition.

At PHASE II of our county (Broward) re-opening

• We will continue to worship and stream LIVE at Sion
• Instead of a congregation of 14 persons we will boost it up to around 30 people maximum.
• Only people of 14 years of age and above will be invited.
• Our church members will receive a prior invitation to participate in our Sundays’ worship service at Sion. We will try our best to use fairness and wisdom in extending the invitations while phase II is in place.
• For all practicality the services will continue to be 60 to 70 minutes duration maximum.
• All ministries will continue to go on through the phone line or the internet (zoom.com or other)
• All bathrooms, door handles will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, specially the day before our reduced in-persons worship services at Sion.
• Wearing mask during the services will be strongly encouraged throughout the entire duration of these services.
• The six feet physical distancing will be observed
• We will have some physical distancing signs posted on walls and on the walkway of the building (Sion building).
• We will do the collection of the tithe and offerings at the end of the service.
The participants will line up nicely and, on their way out, they will drop their tithes or offering in the designated stationary boxes.
• Holy Communion will be done using pre-packaged elements (bread and wine) which will be found inside some designated baskets at the entrance of the auditorium.
• Sanitizers will be available on site for the use of the participants before and/or after the service 

At PHASE III of our county ( Broward)

We will adopt a gradual transition , a sub-level system
( Sub-Level A) ( Sub-Level B) (Sub-Level C)
Each sub-level phase might last up to 6 weeks or more depending on the situation in the state and in the county.
The Pastor of the church in consultation with the reopening team and the administrative council will decide on the appropriate time to make these gradual transitions.

Sub-Level A
• We will stream LIVE from the main auditorium (PRBC)
• We will accommodate a group of 120 maximum using all the space that is available to us.
• We will recommend that children under 14 years old to stay home
• We will continue to strongly recommend that adults over 65 years of age and/or the people with underlying health conditions to stay home and be connected through the virtual means (Facebook, YouTube, telephone line)
• We will observe physical distancing of 6-ft minimum inside the auditorium and recommend the same physical distancing as much as possible in the parking areas.
• The worship service will last no more than 75 minutes (preferably 60 to 70 minutes total)
• Wearing a mask will be strongly mandatory throughout the entire service.
• Trained volunteers will be at the main entries to the auditorium to do some random temperature checks or/and to point out to people desirable seating positions.
• Physical distancing of 6 feet minimum must be observed upon both entering and exiting the auditorium
• Trained volunteers will monitor the restrooms every twenty minutes’ period in order to ensure the physical distancing policy is applied there.
• All volunteers will adhere in advance to have their temperature checked by another fellow volunteer. And they will have to wear gloves and masks.
• The Collection of Tithes and Offerings will be conducted after the worship service on the way out using specially designed standing collection boxes.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers and CDC approved hand sanitizer liquids will be placed at the various points of entry of the auditorium.
• Holy Communion ministry will be conducted using pre-packaged filled cup and bread – the pre-packaged set will be placed at the back of the pews prior to the beginning of the worship service
• No-in person ministry yet at Sion

Sub-Level B
Everything the same as sub-level B
At this point of time we will relax the age requirement recommendation for children from age 14 to age 10
We will also relax completely the age requirement recommendation for adults of age 65 and older as well as people with underlying health conditions.
• In-persons English ministry worship services and weekly Youth or Young adult ministry meetings will be allowed. Both 6ft physical distancing and mask wearing policies shall be followed during these worship services.

No Children under ten will be allowed to participate in the Sunday morning English ministry worship service.

• Small group meetings will be authorized to take place at Sion provided that the recommended physical distancing and mask wearing are observed.

Sub-Level C
Everything the same as sub-level B
At this point of time we will relax completely the age requirement for children of any age.
We will allow all the ministries in persons at Sion. This will include the children ministry, men ministry, women ministry, small groups, Sunday Night services, Sunday School classes, Weekly Bible Study and Friday evening prayer meetings, van ministry
We (the re-opening team and the administrative council) will re-evaluate the up to date CDC physical distancing measure and adopt at that time a physical distancing that we deem safe for the various functions of our church. Mask wearing policy will be re-evaluated by the reopening team at that time.
We will then look at how we can best help those who strictly rely on the van ministry to make it to our worship center while complying with the current mitigation measures in place.

Signed: The Reopening Team And the Administrative Council